Who We Are

The appliance glass market has become very competitive. In order to compete, manufacturers need to find ways to automate their processes to make them more efficient, while also maintaining a high standard of quality. They also need flexibility, to be able to provide the products as developed by the appliance manufacturers to keep up with shifting consumer tastes. One of Glassline’s key markets is the appliance segment. We have developed highly automated systems specifically for this market. Some of our closest partners have been in this segment. These close relationships have fostered the “Innovative Partnering” slogan.

Some of this same equipment can be applied to the furniture glass market, but it is often more specialized. GLASSLINE’s custom design/build capabilities fill those needs.

Our Diamond Tooling division manufactures tooling for drilling and grinding. We are the most all-around capable flat glass equipment and tooling manufacturer in the USA.

Our compassion for our Customers has enabled us to be in business since 1970. We strive to provide exceptional value, by being innovative and flexible partners to our Customers, and providing durable, quality equipment and tooling at reasonable pricing.

Who We Are

Glassline has been producing double edgers since the beginning of its existence.  Many of our double edger features stemmed from the needs of appliance glass companies.  We also have developed specific machines such as an automated slitting and breaking line to feed glass into the double edgers, very popular inline drilling machines, very high speed servo corner dubbing, corner cutting, notching, corner radiusing, and other machines, not to mention complete lines.

We are a vertically integrated Engineering and Manufacturing company. We fabricate and machine nearly all parts in house, and large assembly areas provide the ability to pretest systems prior to shipping for faster startups. Our InteliCon division builds the control panels which we typically mount on the machines to minimize field wiring. Controls Engineering and programming are typically done in house, but we can partner with others as required. We assist with installation and start up.



Many of the below noted machines can be provided as a complete processing line. Please see below a few examples of what we have done previously.


We produce many sizes and styles of CNC grinders for precisely grinding the part shape.  We have also produced CNC shape seamers to put a very light edge seam at a much faster rate than grinding, when a pencil edge was not required, such as for half-rounds, or ovals, etc.


We produce extremely accurate and fast CNC Cutting machines.  The design uses Linear Motors and a patented direct drive servo cutting head, so the machines are very low maintenance and made to run 24/7. Various machine size ranges are available.


We have produced waterjets for cooktops and other products.  We can produce lines to provide notching, holes, etc. with a combination of machines if needed for cycle time.  Grinding can optionally be added.


One option for appliance glass processors is to load the line with larger blocks and cut them into smaller pieces on the fly to feed their edgers. This cutting process we call slitting. Multiple heads are used to make multiple scores on a single sheet.


Fast automated drilling systems are an important part of appliance glass processing. We have a lot of experience so surely have a solution for you.


We have produced automatic shape breakout for simple parts, or complete cutdown and automatic breakout systems.


High speed is required for the appliance glass market. Aisa technology and Glassline machine design/build capabilities have been combined to provide excellent printing and drying systems.


As mentioned above, Glassline starting out making double edging machines, so we have 50 years of experience.  Fast, and precise.  Our HE heads are heavy-duty grinding and polishing heads. We have alternative SE style seaming heads which are designed to seam at a speed of 30m/min in case seaming is the majority of your edge requirements.


Our capabilities for material handling solutions are endless, due to our years of experience building complete line solutions. To name a few: Loading/Unloading, Precision Squaring(flat or bent glass), Accumulation systems, Flippers, Rotators, Conveyors of all types; you name it we can make it.


Centrifugal separation has been a mainstay in the automotive industry. We build it here as well and integrate it with your grinding systems.

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