Ball Casters

GLASSLINE stocks a large quantity of ball casters.  These casters are specially designed for the glass industry to minimize scratching by eliminating the skidding inherent in standard wheel-type casters. The free rotation of the ball, on a separately free spinning shaft/stem virtually eliminates any skidding.  The ball fits very snugly on the shaft, but can be separately replaced. The shaft is inserted into a threaded stem, which mounts to your table and comes with two locknuts for setting the height of the unit. Therefore the shaft/ball assembly can also be easily replaced without disassembling the stem and losing the height setting.


The units come in two sizes, 35mm and 50mm diameter, and a variety of types:

  • Natural Rubber(most common) Shore A 70 (galvanized stocked)(stainless available)
    • SPGC-35L and SPGC-35R
    • SPGC-50L and SPGC-50R
  • Special Durable “Polyurethane” Shore A 92 (galvanized stocked)(stainless available)
    • WKGL35 and WKGR35
    • WKGL50 and WKGR50
  • Heat Resistant(up to 150 C) Shore A 80 (special order) – RGGY35 or 50, LH or RH

The units come in Left Hand and Right Hand versions and it is recommended to alternate hands within a table for better flow/tracking. Therefore it is recommended to order half lefts and half rights.

Call for pricing, or send a request via our contact page.

Glassline Ball Casters Table

GLASSLINE can also provide complete caster tables to your custom size.

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