At GLASSLINE, we’re proud of our ability to offer our clients the heavy-duty, high-performance equipment they’ve needed since all the way back in 1970. We work with our Customers to find solutions to their needs or challenges, using our vast experience and deep product line, as well as our extensive manufacturing capabilities.  Dating back to the 1980’s, a Customer approached us with a need for a CNC machine for automotive glass, and GLASSLINE provided a successful solution – one of the first of its kind in the flat glass market.

Now, CNC’s are an important part of our product line, and specifically CNC glass cutting machines are one of the most important types of machines we offer. All glass companies need well-cut glass, to make breakout easier and also minimize breakout chips, and typically they need at least a good, reliable tolerance to be kept, day in and day out.  For this reason, GLASSLINE decided to take the route of a high-performance design, to serve the needs of automotive, appliance and other markets, as well as those Customers that needed high speed, tight tolerance, robust machines.  Whether you need a truly reliable machine that requires little maintenance, or one that delivers on its promise of high throughput at tight tolerances, you can count on our CNC Cutting Machines. We will help you select the model for your needs.

Our Unique Capabilities

All told, our CNC glass cutting machines bring with them a variety of different benefits, many of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else:

  • Linear motors are used in the X and Y motion. This is important because two separate, parallel motor axes are electronically slaved to ensure the bridge square, offering superior configuration.
  • They feature a patented cutting head, which comes with a patented direct drive rotational axis.
  • By way of the linear motors and direct drive cutting head design, the CNC cutting portion of the machine contains no timing belts that flex, no gears that wear and get out of calibration. The machine will hold tolerance for a very long time with very little maintenance.
  • The cutting head design also includes a low friction air cylinder, which is controlled by a pneumatic servo valve via the CNC controls which can control the cut pressure differently if necessary for every segment of the part, depending on cut radius and speed, etc.
  • A programmable inductive linear position sensor provides ‘off-glass’ detection as well in order to save from damaging the cutting cylinder.
  • Cutting oil feed is via an innovative pressure vessel manifold, which includes an optical liquid level sensor. a screw-on oil filter and and an easy refill design. A fast-acting control valve is located at the cut cylinder to minimize wasted oil flow.
  • The CNC’s typically utilizes a Microsoft Windows-based operating system, which makes them easy to setup and virtually effortless for anyone to operate.
  • Configurable speed “look-ahead” features allow for the optimization of speed and accuracy, thus allowing your organization to derive value from your investment as quickly as possible.

Depending on the machine requirements, various machines may include full-width belts to provide for conveyance and support while also allowing the belt to be cleaned of glass chips. A counter-rotating brush roll is utilized for belt cleaning, for improved quality. Where the machine requires a means to hold the part, a vacuum system is built into the table, and a regenerative blower is used, including a fast acting vacuum/release.  Other options include an automatic breaking device, an edge deletion head, laser marking, and label print/apply solutions. Our patented laser location system with automatic CNC path offsets is also available, should it be applicable to your project.

Complete systems can be provided including various automated loading solutions, manual breakout tables, automatic breaking, and integrated lines including CNC Grinding and Drilling.

Get In Touch For Your Next Big Project

GLASSLINE is proud of the design, and proud of the reputation we’ve been able to earn over the years as one of the leading providers of CNC glass cutting machines. We have a broad range of highly accurate and dependable cutting machines for you to choose from, ranging from 30″ by 30″ all the way up to a jumbo size.

So regardless of what your next big project happens to be, we have what it takes to help you accomplish your vision – exactly the way it should be.

If you’d like to find out more information about our CNC glass cutting machines, or if you just want to discuss the needs of your own situation with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact GLASSLINE today.

You can gain these benefits from using GLASSLINE Linear Motor CNC Cutters:

  • Greatly reduced maintenance time:  If you have experience with rack and pinion machines, you know that the gears wear and require constant calibration if you want to maintain tight cutting tolerances.  Our machines have no gears to wear.  The driving mechanism is magnets, and there is no physical contact, much like a high speed train.  The weight of the bridge and carriage are carried by linear bearings/rails.  Even our patented cutting head has no belts or gears to wear. The rotation is powered by a direct drive servo motor.
  • Greatly reduced cutting times:  The proprietary design of the machine allows for high acceleration/deceleration while maintaining tight tolerances.  In addition, the use of linear motors on each side of the machine allows for the electronic calibration of bridge squareness, which not only is much easier than trying to do this with a mechanical adjustment, but is also extremely accurate.  The oversized linear motor components also play a part in provided very tight tolerances, but the fact that there is limited wear, this tight repeatability is maintained over a very long time.
  • Easier Breakout: Glassline’s cutting head includes a low-friction air cylinder for applying cutting pressure, and a proportional valve controlled directly from the CNC. Therefore, every segment of the cut path can have it’s own pressure if one should desire. The CNC automatically controls the pressure, such as on long full speed cuts versus tight radius cuts, in order to provide optimum score.

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