Case Study: CNC Cutting (2)

Customer needed a fully automated semi-jumbo loading system to feed two new, highly-productive GLASSLINE™ CNC Linear Motor Cutters.  They lacked the space required for a typical A-frame warehouse and crane style of loading system.  The Customer and Glassline worked collaboratively to devise a layout utilizing a special robot-on-a-rail design, which could pick from a multitude of A frames, as well as a drawer system.  The loading system was integrated with conveyors, automatic separation removal, and a 90 degree transfer that could send the parts to either one of two different cutting machines.  In conjunction with a 3rd party software provider, the cutting machine could command the loading system to pick from one of up to 20 or so types of glass and it would be automatically loaded and fed to the correct cutting machine.  The 90 degree transfer was also fitted with a one-piece accumulator to allow for storage/bypass.  Lastly, a retrofit of an automatic part labeling system was integrated into one of the cutting machines to label each of the cut pieces, in order for the breakout operator to coordinate parts as needed.

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