Glassline® has come a long way from our humble beginnings of building double edgers in 1970. Our glass processing plant started in Toledo, Ohio with pioneering spirit and just seven employees on our team. You can be certain we have learned a few things over the last 50 years. Our product line has grown to include machines for nearly every facet of glass fabrication. And speaking of facets(sort of), we also produce diamond tools right here in our Perrysburg facility. Though the GLASSLINE CORPORATION family now consists of several divisions(packaging, food, bottling, and more), serving worldwide clientele, our core values remain the same: Focus on delivering Customer value through superior designs, and quality at reasonable prices.

Our facilities perform a large variety of services, saving you costs by allowing you to deal with one supplier. These services include:

  • Mechanical 3D Design
  • Electrical Engineering and Controls Design
  • CNC, Servo Machine Motion, and PLC Controls programming
  • Steel(mild, stainless) Fabrications
  • Precision Parts Machining of nearly every material
  • Large Weldment Machining(Our Boring mill is huge)
  • Custom Paint
  • Machinery Assembly including precision Laser alignment if needed.
  • Control Panel Building
  • Engraving Services of all types
  • Custom Labels
  • Sandblasting
  • Balancing
  • Diamond Tool Redressing(along with manufacturing of course)
  • Field Installation and/or Preventative Maintenance Service
  • Tearout/Rebuild Services
  • Programming and Controls Startups
  • CNC Retrofits 


1970: Glassline Corporation begins with 7 employees and $50,000 to start up. Total sales exceeded to $160,000 by the end of the year.

1973: Total sales reach $1,000,000.

1981: Glassline Corporation headquarters moves to Perrysburg, Ohio as it continues to expand.

1986: Chicago-based diamond tooling manufacturer is acquired, which will move to Perrysburg in 1993. Also, InteliCon is formed, to manufacture electrical panels for in-house use as well as local firms.

1992: Acquisition of System Packaging, a world leading manufacturer in cold and heat seal packaging machines.

1994: Acquisition of SIMCO, a manufacturing company specializing in centrifugal liquid/solid separation machines.

1997: A boring mill is purchased and manufacturing space is expanded to 12,000 square feet. The strategic purchase gives Glassline the ability to machine very large weldments.

1998: SecurePak, a torque testing device manufacturer for bottling equipment in the beverage packaging industry, is purchased.

2003: Design staff harness the new engineering power of Autodesk Inventor, a 3D design software for industrial applications.

2009: Acquisition of the brand and technology from the world-renowned company Aisa S.p.A in Ticengo, Italy. The former company had specialized in glass screen printing and drying machines, so the purchase expanded Glassline’s capability to allow the offering of complete preprocessing lines to its Customers.

2011 & 2012: Purchase of property in Millbury, OH for additional manufacturing space.  InteliCon and SecurePak move to Millbury, Ohio.

2020: Despite the pandemic, Glassline Corp. continues to look for ways to expand its offerings to its Customers, and purchases the TorqTraQ™ handheld torque testing technology from Plastic Technologies Inc.

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