Who We Are

You don’t stay in business for 50 years if you don’t stand behind your quality, and ensure Customer satisfaction. You can trust that we will do this for you. We put all of our effort into designing and developing robust, reliable, and accurate machines that will provide our Customers with many years of profitable production.

What We Do

We are a vertically integrated Engineering and Manufacturing company. We fabricate and machine nearly all parts in house, and large assembly areas provide the ability to pretest systems prior to shipping for faster startups. Our InteliCon division builds the control panels which we typically mount on the machines to minimize field wiring. Controls Engineering and programming are typically done in house, but we can partner with others as required. We assist with installation and start up.



We produce extremely accurate and fast CNC Cutting machines.  The design uses Linear Motors and a patented direct drive servo cutting head, so the machines are very low maintenance and made to run 24/7. Various machine size ranges are available, for example Jumbo, Semi-Jumbo, and smaller.  Edge Deletion, lasering, etc. can be added.


We produce many sizes and styles of CNC grinders for precisely grinding the part shape.  We have also produced CNC shape seamers to put a very light edge seam at a much faster rate than grinding, when a pencil edge was not required, such as for half-rounds, or ovals, etc.

DOUBLE EDGE GRINDING(or SEAMING)(Peripheral Diamond Wheel Style)

Glassline starting out making double edging machines, so we have 50 years of experience.  Fast, and precise.  Our design allows for very large sizes if this is required.  Double lead screws ensure parallelism. Our HE heads are heavy-duty grinding and polishing heads. We have alternative SE style seaming heads which are designed to seam at a speed of 30m/min in case seaming is the majority of your edge requirements.


Various sizes are available.


Due to demand, Glassline has developed a ‘double-edger-style’ belt seaming line.  This may be preferred by some manufacturers who may have a wide range of thicknesses to process, and who only seam and will not require another type of edge.


Drilling may not be a primary requirement for the residential market, but certain commercial products and architectural products require automated drilling systems. We have the experience. See our offerings below.


Manual edge deletion machines or complete in-line Edge Deletion Systems can be provided.


Aisa technology and Glassline machine design/build capabilities have been combined to provide excellent printing and drying systems.


Our capabilities for material handling solutions are endless, due to our years of experience building complete line solutions. To name a few: Loading/Unloading, Accumulation systems, Conveyors of all types, Ball Caster Tables; you name it we can make it.


Complete Lines for Residential and Architectural Industry

Loaders/Unloaders for Residential and Architectural Industry

CNC Glass Cutting for Residential and Architectural Industry

Waterjet Cutting for Residential and Architectural Industry

Breaking for Residential and Architectural Industry

Double Edging/Seaming for Residential and Architectural Industry

CNC Grinding for Residential and Architectural Industry

Edge Deletion for Residential and Architectural Industry

Automated Drilling for Residential and Architectural Industry

Silkscreen Printing for Residential and Architectural Industry

Paint Dryers for Residential and Architectural Industry

Handling Machines for Residential and Architectural Industry

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