At GLASSLINE, we pride ourselves on being so much more than just another manufacturer. We’re a legitimate partner in every sense of the word – one that wants to see you succeed every bit as much as you do yourself.

Because of that, we’ve committed ourselves to engineering both standard solutions and custom products based on your requirements – not ours. Whatever it takes to get the machinery you desire, that is a step that we are more than willing to take.

Our CNC Machines: An Overview

Glass grinding is a tough business, being not only tough on machines, but operationally difficult. GLASSLINE machines are known as durable workhorses, lasting many years working for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year if needed. With good preventative maintenance, there will be very little downtime.  High Uptime and regularly scheduled maintenance allows for more accurate planning of your production and higher efficiency.

Glass shape grinding is operationally tough because you are grinding one of the hardest substances and trying to hold tight tolerances.  Machines need to be designed so that head/spindle flex is minimized, spindle runout is minimized, cnc axes need to be precision machined and include precision parts, good lubrication, and the machine must be well calibrated.  Automatic wheel stoning is used to control wheel loading and quality grinding in order to hold glass size. GLASSLINE machines provide these things to make your life operationally easier.  They create consistent, repeatable results to reduce your operational challenges. 

As we all know the labor side of operations can be tough as well.  By providing a robust, repeatable machine, it reduces variability for the operator, but there is also operator variability.  Making things easier from an operator’s standpoint is important.  GLASSLINE provides this in several ways:

  • Microsoft Windows-based operating system, makes them easy for virtually anyone to use.
  • Through many years of CNC grinding experience, operator-friendly screens provide the information needed, as well as the easy means of adjustment needed, via a large color touchscreen interface.
  • GLASSLINE’s CNC control system includes a Graphical Shape Display in addition to an NC Code display, Axis feedback, I/o, setpoints, and faults on an easy to read screen.
  • The Shape outline is drawn in various colors providing a kind of Spindle Load diagram by capturing the spindle load in real time. This color coded feedback can be extremely helpful in diagnosing location errors or for setup of offsets.
  • Multiple operation modes are available including manual, semi-auto, setup and file management.
  • Multiple password levels are available.
  • Manual modes include jog, incremental, absolute and home.
  • Optimized Engineering screens are provided, including Auto-calibration features, advanced interpolation functions, as well as optional features such as Laser Referencing..

The Glassline Approach

In the end, the team at GLASSLINE produce a robust, reliable, efficient CNC grinding machine for glass shapes. Our approach is to provide proven machines that best meet our Customer’s needs, at a reasonable price.  We feel that this provides the best long term value for our Customers. 

We have many different styles and sizes of machines to suit the varying requirements of the glass industry, including:

  • Polar Grinders – the glass rotates and the spindle moves in and out.
  • XY style Grinders – Spindle traveling in X and the glass in Y
  • Gantry, or bridge style – Fixed table with an XY bridge
  • other variations of Polar style including one with an index table to allow for higher throughput on small parts; a dual head machine to produce larger parts in less time.
  • Shape Seamers – another Polar style CNC machine with a special grinding wheel setup that allows for minimal glass removal.

So regardless of what your next shape grinding or seaming project happens to be, we have the skills, the talent and the passion to help meet your needs and exceed your expectations each and every time.

If you’d like to find out more information about the major benefits of GLASSLINE CNC grinding and seaming machines, or if you just have any additional questions you’d like to discuss with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact GLASSLINE today.

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