The Dual-Head CNC grinder was developed for faster edge processing of large shapes such as windshields, backlites, shaped residential or furniture glass, etc.

The unique feature of the system is the leading edge technology that has been incorporated into the CNC controls.  It is believed to be the only CNC system available with the ability to control two independent CNC paths with one-axis shared between paths. Complicated shapes can be handled as the CNC paths are further provided the ability to switch from a master to a slave relationship and back depending on arc to be followed at each grinding wheel. The highly accurate electronics and mechanics provide for a clean line at the two start/stop points of the grind.

It is recommended to load the system via a servo driven shuttle. Depending on the Customer’s needs, various systems and configurations are available. Glassline can provide a complete cutting and breaking system to feed the CNC Dual-Head Grinder, as well as further processing equipment including conveyors, drills, washing, printing, furnace loading, etc.

Additional features of the system include vacuum coolant/mist collection to keep the glass very dry and clean, as well as the equipment and area, for lower maintenance costs.

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