GLASSLINE offers and stocks Tool Cones for some of their machines that have automatic or semi-automatic tool changers.  All tools are #30 taper.

Existing Tool cone models:

  • B559-17-ss:  hardened complete, 2.5″ ID wheel mount, single wheel mount, stainless steel
  • B559-17-1:  hardened mount, for 2.5″ wheel bore, 2-wheel driver
  • B559-17-1-ss:  hardened complete, stainless version of above
  • B559-17-3:  3/4″ ID wheel driver
  • B559-17-4: Hardened mount, for 2.75″ ID wheel bore.  “high-speed” tool cone
  • B560-15: Triplex taper mount. 2.5″ ID wheels
  • 8011-12:  Tool cone for magazine holder. Hardened end.  For 2.5″ ID wheel
  • 8011-50: Tool cone for magazine holder.  ADA shank tool mounting on bottom side.
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