GLASSLINE INVENTED the concept of the Single-sided Seaming Line. A line was specially produced in 2001. Some patents were awarded. This concept was copied by some others. Single-sided seaming lines, as the name implies, are lines which seam only one edge of a part at a time, but through a series of transfers or rotators, all four sides are seamed.  The purpose of the single sided seamer is to enable the production of any part size without ANY size changeover.

Our belt seaming systems can be configured as single-sided seaming systems.  Our diamond wheel seaming lines can also be set up to be single sided seaming lines, which then provides the capability of producing a #1 edge(typically on thinner glass such as 3-6mm).

Our double edger lines however have very fast changeover of size(<5 sec), so one must consider the floor space requirements of the single sided line vs. the improvement in changeover time.

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