The Underline Loading/Unloading system is a simple and cost effective solution especially suited for high speed/cycles, and also well suited for coated glass. This system should be used when the glass is oriented on the rack such that the outside surface of the glass must be in the down orientation on the line. Therefore the inside surface is not touched by vacuum cups or conveyor belts.

The system essentially consists of a rack advance system, and a rotationally driven vacuum cup frame. The rack advance mechanism consists of a main weldment which is machined for mounting linear ways and screw, and a moving platform. The racks rest on top of the moving platform. As each piece is taken from the rack (or set onto the rack), the rack advance mechanism adjusts itself for the action on the next part. Therefore, the rotational arm is always acting on the glass in the same location, thereby minimizing the loading cycle of each piece.

A vacuum cup frame is used for gripping the glass. The vacuum cup subassembly is mounted to a shaft driven via gearbox and servo motor (standard). The servo allows for optional programming of alternate rack angles if needed. The vacuum cup frame is also pneumatically actuated for setting the glass down onto the included belt conveyor.

Alternative systems are possible, but for standard systems, the vacuum cup frame sets the glass onto (or picks the glass from) a horizontal belt conveyor.

A linear rack change system can optionally be quoted. This system incorporates two of the moving platform systems described above. The two platforms are mounted to a moving support frame, mounted to rails, and driven via gear. The system will automatically shift the full / empty rack so that the other rack is in position. At which point, the new rack will be positioned relative to the un-loader.

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