The GHS16X Silkscreen Pringing Machine is a single station automatic inline printing machine.  The machine can be made in various sizes for any shape of glass.  The machine consists of a teflon coated aluminum tooling plate table, which is fitted with three centering axes.  The centering axes are motorized belt driven axes with a pneumatic torque limiter on each axis.  Working together, the system centers the glass perfectly.  The axes can be offset(manually or by sevo) to adjust the axis centereing position relative to the screen.  Under the table is a belt conveyor which conveys the glass into and out of the machine.  The main frame bridge supports and upper bridge of the machine are similar to our GHS15X printing machines.  The bridge assembly is driven via rack and pinion and servo motor for precision and ease of setup.  A master frame, which holds the screen, is designed to be withdrawn from the machine like a drawer, for screen cleaning, and placed back into the machine in the same position.  This provides the utmost safety of the operator.

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