The D8102 Series CNC glass cutting machine system consists of an X-Y moving bridge utilizing linear motors for high speed and, more importantly, extremely short acceleration / deceleration times. Attached to the bridge is a cutting head which includes a servo rotation axis for precise cutting wheel control. Glassline’s large cutting tables are typically covered with a non- scratch material such as felt or laminate. Different conveyor options are available including strip belts or a full width belt which allows for cyclical cleaning via brush.

See Glassline’s SOFTWARE options for shapefit, nesting and other optimization software.


  • Max Size: Jumbo 3m x 6m approx (customization available). Semi-Jumbo 2.75m x 3.65m approx.
  • Thickness: 3mm to 12mm (other thickness can be optionally accommodated)
  • Axis Speeds: 3m per sec. maximum
  • Acceleration: 1g
  • Score Accuracy: +/- 0.15mm

Features and Benefits:

  • Linear Motors used for X-Y motion provide high acceleration for reduced cycle times
  • Without the use of belts and gears, the machine capability is maintained longer since there are less wear items
  • Heavy duty linear rails are used to support the bridge and carriage
  • The cutting head is patented with a direct drive system that also eliminates belts and gears, thus reducing maintenance costs
  • Strip belt conveyor and felt top table. Option for full-width belt available which can allow continuous cleaning
  • Microsoft Windows™ based CNC controls help to provide a system that is operator friendly
  • Commercially available CNC hardware provides the Customer assurance of long term availability of parts. These parts are also less expensive than those sold by “CNC” systems suppliers
  • Optional Edge Deletion
  • Laser Edge Scanning for adjusting cnc path to part position
  • Optional squaring stops.
  • Optional tracking roller for processing of textured glass

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