In-Line System CNC multi-axis machine for S/L and Q/L

The unit provides a solution to cut, break and manipulate multiple pieces from a larger raw glass blank. The raw blank is scored on a programmable angle across the blank width, automatically broken at the score. The broken off part is then picked up, rotated and position onto a downstream process, such as a CNC shape cutter. The diagonal cutter is used to reduce the amount of scrap when cutting S/L and Q/L and also to reduce the amount of raw glass inventory.


  • Max Raw Block:(40″ x 80″ / 1m x 2m)
    Custom sizes also available
  • Thickness: 3mm to 6mm
    other thickness can be optionally accommodated
  • Cycle Time: Approx. 10 sec. per piece out
  • Break Accuracy: +/- 0.5mm
  • Max. Quantity of breaks: limited only by part and block size

Features and Benefits:

  • Servo positioning and interpolation of the cutting head for programmable angles
  • Flexibility and ease of programming automated break system
  • Vacuum carriage is rotated by a servo axis
    Parts are picked and placed onto the downstream shape cutter in position, eliminating the need for further squaring of the raw block, and reduceing maintenance
  • Full width belt is cleaned by brush in order to minimize scratches from chips
  • The controls will normally be integrated into the same CNC controls as the shape cutting machine

Offline Diagonal Cutter

Economical CNC X-Y Cutting Machine

(Shape Cutting, Automotive Diagonal Cutting)


  • Max Size: (36″ x 84″ / .9m x 2.1m)
    other sizes can be customized
  • Thickness: 3mm to 6mm
    other thickness can be optionally accommodated
  • Axis Speeds: up to 1.5m per sec. maximum
  • Score Accuracy: +/- 0.4mm

Features and Benefits:

  • Belt Driven bridge and carriage axis for economical X-Y motion
  • The cutting head is a free rotating wheel assembly with pneumatic pressure control
  • Rigid wooden table with felt table top
    (optional belt drive can be provided)
  • The table is provided with a vacuum / air float system for easy manual loading and holding of the glass during cutting