Glassline produces high quality CNC grinding and drilling equipment for various glass fabrication markets. We can customize a grinding or drilling system to suit the needs of every type of fabrication plant, whether it be for high volume or high-flexibility, automotive, appliance, furniture or otherwise.

The Glassline Edger Model 6005-38 is an ingenious machine developed for the purpose of grinding and drilling medium and small size parts on the same machine. This eliminates the need to unload the grinder and then load the drills, which requires manpower and / or further automation costs, and can cause additional yield loss. The machine is perfect for manufacturers requiring multiple changeovers, and for those who desire less product movement and higher yields. The machine is much faster than other multi-process machines, because no tool change is required between grinding and drilling. The machine is built around the proven concepts of the Glassline D6005 CNC grinder and the D1059 air powered drill.

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