This solution was a complete line for grinding special appliance glass, but the application is useful for automotive, rv, furniture, and others.  Instead of a manually loaded gantry machine, consider loading into a reference station, which reduces the part-to-part cycle time. From the reference station, a shuttle precisely loads the part to a CNC grinder, and then unloads it to the washer.

In this line, a laser referencing system(patented) is used to locate the part and apply the offsets to the cnc system.  This removes the operator dependancy of loading accuracy. Changeover time is also reduced. The grinder shown is a 2m max. diagonal size, but we have 1m, 1.5m, and also 2.5m sizes, or can custom design one for you. The grinder includes a direct drive spindle with semi-auto tool change as well as automatic stoning.  This line was custom designed to process a minimum size of 3″x3″.

Call uf if you have a similar application for grinding shapes.

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