Glassline can produce complete printing and drying systems for automotive, appliance, and others.  We have produced systems with special requirements, such as the one in the video, which includes a vision system and robotic loading of the printer.  Why you ask?  This line needed to process many different complex quarterlite and sidelite shapes.  A mechanical squaring system would be complicated and also require significant changeover time.  The vision system allows the operator a very fast changeover by simply loading a new file.

The video also shows an XY suction system used to print ‘edge-to-edge’, or in other words to have zero clear border.  This requires a screen image that is larger than the part, and the excess ink needs to be removed from the screen.

This processing line installed by Glassline included:

  • Robotic loading of the line
  • Washing
  • Vision/Robot loading of the printing machine
  • Silkscreen printer for 800x1200max, as low as 4 sec. per part for small quarterlites.
  • XY suction system
  • Offline Visual inspection and automatic reject handling.
  • Drying
  • Various belt/roll conveyors and transfers, Accumulators, and pass through conveyors

Similar systems have been done even for much larger Windshield printing and drying, including 400 part accumulation systems, and automatic loading of the Glasstech furnace.

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