Manual Centrifuge CL-80

The feed slurry, at less than 10% solids by volume, enters the centrifuge and is distributed to the bowl, at which time it undergoes centrifugal force equivalent to approximately 800 times gravity. The clarified liquid discharges over the top of the bowl, and the solids build up onto the bowl wall, until a point at which the bowl must be cleaned.

The manual units have a removable Buna-N flexible basket liner for easy cleaning and disposal of swarf cake. The average time required for cleaning, from shut down to start up, is five minutes. The processing cycle is determined by the feed rate and the amount / percent of solids contained in the feed stream.

Two standard models are available, the CL-50 and the CL-80.

These units can be purchased as-is to be incorporated into a system by the Customer, or they can be purchased in optional ways:

  • Complete Mobile Unit – see photo
  • Stand mounted, with or without tank, and integrated with a Glassline grinder system if desired – see photo
  • Other Custom solutions are available, for example a dual unit with dirty water gravity feed tank and clean tank – see photo

Other options are available:

  • Manually settable timer which can be used to alert operators that a cleaning is required
  • Alarm beacons
  • Stainless steel housing and / or bowl

Contact us if you have special processing requirements.

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