Cutting, Breaking, Grinding, Drilling(aka CBG) lines, are complete pre-processing line solutions typically for automotive style glass.  The line will accept a flat glass block size, and output a part shape with ground edges and holes as desired.  These lines can be configured in many different ways.  Typically however the line is configured  to cut a single shape out of each block.  Typical line configurations include:

In some cases, sidelites may have  additional equipment for splitting the block in half prior to the CBG line – often called ‘diagonal cutting machines‘.

GLASSLINE also has the capability of providing further processing, such as washing, screen printing and drying, vertical accumulation systems, and auto-loading the bending furnace.

Layouts/Configurations, sizes, throughputs etc. depend on the Customer requirements.  Please send us your specifications and we would be happy to provide a proposal.

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