GLASSLINE’S Linear/Polar Drill system is an economical solution for automatic positioning.  Holes may be drilled in a variety of locations with one setup.  The machine of course consists of our standard drill head, mounted to a ballscrew driven linear axis.  The glass is situated on a vacuum chuck on a precision rotary axis.  Together the linear axis and the polar axis form a two axis positioning system.  Since the part is situated on a centered vacuum chuck, this machine is primarily used for drilling holes around the perimeter of the part.  The holes can be drilled anywhere around the perimeter, within approx. 20″, but depending on the drill throat.  The part cannot be drilled within the center approx. 12″ of the part.  Each hole is drilled, one-by-one.

Two drill heads may be installed on the linear base, thus providing the ability to drill two different hole sizes in the part.

Addition linear axes have been installed on some applications, with one or two drill heads, thus providing the ability to drill up to four different hole sizes.

The machine can be configured as a stand-alone machine, to be manually loaded and unloaded, as a multihead drilling system with automatic load/unload, or as a system within a complete preprocessing line, including cutting, grinding and drilling.

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