A new development by Glassline to provide a belt seaming option, in addition to our diamond wheel seaming lines. Belt seaming lines may be more suitable for some Customers with less demanding needs, whereas the diamond wheel seaming system provides flexibility to produce very high quality seaming at a high speed, or pencil ground edges.

Glassline has introduced an automated Belt Seaming line, to complement its line of double edgers and double edge seamers. The belt seaming system provides a lower-cost alternative to diamond wheel seaming, as well as allowing for seaming of various thicknesses without a tooling change. All four edges are seamed via the typical ‘L’ shaped layout arrangement. One side is automatically adjustable via part size information data, allowing for on-the-fly size changes and ‘one-piece’ production, as may be required for IG production, for example. The seaming line has many desirable features included, such as vacuum hold down, pneumatic belt activation, pneumatic belt tensioning, wet/dry seaming options, small part seaming, and optional edge deletion. Optional automated laser marking in any corner is available. CNC Cutting, automated breaking, and furnace batching can also be incorporated into your project.

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