The GLASSLINE Waterjet_Grinder was developed in 2018 to meet the demands of the new “hole-in-glass” products coming from the automotive sector, such as for the F150.  The process had not previously been done. Glassline developed the fully automated line and it was a great success.  The system was originally made for cutouts up to approx. 24 x 24″. Additional machines have been produced, for other more varied products.  We also have a manually loaded machine, and can load/unload the machine via robot if this suits the Customer’s layout better than a servo shuttle.

The waterjet pump used is the well-respected KMT brand, so you can be sure of high quality parts and excellent service.

Additional options include automatic stoning of the grinding wheel, and garnet removal/filtration.

Please contact us with your part drawings and speci fications and we can design a system to suit your needs.

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