PVB Unwinding Stand

The PBV unwinding stand includes accommodations for mounting of two PVB rolls. Special air chucks are provided to hold the rolls, as well as split bearings for easy removal, and air brakes.

PVB Accumulator, with Pinch Roll Drive and Splicing Table

The PVB Accumulator is configured for the maximum roll width. A pinch roll drive system controls the feeding speed into the accumulator and pinches the vinyl during splicing. While splicing, the accumulator allows continuous flow of the PVB within the accumulator to the downstream process. When splicing is complete, the pinch roll drive controls the flow into the accumulator once more to bring the level of vinyl storage within the accumulator to full.

PVB Compensator System (with optional Conditioning Room)

Built in a similar way to the PVB Accumulator, the PVB compensator includes low friction bearings and other applicable differences required for the compensation room environment. The PVB compensator provides moving ‘storage’ time for the vinyl within a temperature and humidity controlled room to ensure that the vinyl is at optimum condition. Depending on the qualities of the vinyl supplied, the compensation system may provide for significant vinyl savings.

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