The silkscreen machine system can be changed over from the last painted glass of the previous part number to the first painted glass (which meets or exceeds the customer’s quality requirements) of the new part number in 5 minutes, provided that the screen pre-alignment table is used. This can be achieved thanks to the technical solutions adopted, such as: Automatic and self-adjusting glass registration – Automatic squeegee/flood bar alignment – Implemented off-line screen registration on the special table, before inserting it onto the machine – All controls are located on a rational and user-friendly position – A further master frame will be supplied with the equipment.

Some assumptions must be made:

  • The persons changing over the machine have been trained by the seller or by operators appointed by the seller.
  • New silkscreen, flood bar and squeegee bar are situated next to the machine.
  • The image on the screen is located (with respect to the screen fiducials) within tolerance positions.
  • The new part number has been run on the machine before, so as to know the machine variables.
  • The incoming glass is within size tolerance.

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