This machine enriches the broad-based line of automotive screen printing systems.

The trade mark printer can be provided in different configurations:

  • off-line, with a manual loading and unloading table covered by a non-scratching surface: the operator loads the glass part onto the table and pushes it against three reference points, which are manually set up. Then he presses a pedal switch and the machine starts the printing cycle. After printing, the operator unloads the glass manually.
  • in-line, with a roller or belt conveyor and different automatic glass registration systems.

The trade mark printer can be supplied with one, two or more than two printing heads.

The features of the standard printing head are the following:

  • squeegee bar and flood bar;
  • squeegee and flood bars up/down movements carried out by two independent pneumatic cylinders.
  • off-contact adjustment through a knob;
  • pneumatic vertical stroke for screen cleaning access and screen substitution;
  • printing and flooding stroke driven by a pneumatic cylinder (fixed stroke);
  • squeegee bar height adjustment through a knob;
  • flood bar height adjustment through a knob;
  • clamping mechanism for flood and squeegee bars.

The external dimensions of the screen frame must be the same for all the trademarks to be printed (250 mm x 200 mm). The machine is provided with its own PLC and electrical cabinet.

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