Fully automatic machine for rectangle glass 700x1000mm maximum long edge leading.  Machine in stock. Unused other than minor testing.
  • Clearance Price $135,000, Ex-works
  • Safety Features, such as fencing, light curtain, etc. are not included, but can be quoted.
  • Packing, freight, installation and startup costs vary by Customer location
  • Machine may require prep.  Lead time will depend on backlog when order is placed.

The machines of the GHS150-155 series consist of:

  • Entrance fish-bone belt conveyor with lift-up platform to lift the glass before registration.
  • “Template-free” centering system to register the glass. This system makes use of  a two-axis auto-centering system that is able to center rectangular glass shapes with tight, repeatable accuracy. Changing the glass size, the sheets are automatically centered through simple mechanical adjustment (no software or electrical setting being necessary).
  • Glass Transport System (into and out of the printing station) via shuttle. The shuttle is equipped with a vacuum system to hold the glass during the transfer.
  • Printing station
    • The Printing table is made of a special aluminum alloy coated with Teflon. The glass is held by vacuum cups.
    • Silkscreen Frame Mounting. A master frame is designed to hold the screen frame. The master frame allows the screen to be extracted or removed quickly for cleaning or changeover. This makes cleaning operations easier and safer, as the operator can avoid going under the printing head.
    • Auto-aligning squeegee and flood bars with pneumatic latching/unlatching mechanism.
    • Squeegee bar height controlled by two pneumatic cylinders, connected in series. The structure is conceived in such a way that the “interference” between the glass and the squeegee bar is constant: this is the only way to attain constant thickness of the ink deposit. The “interference” can be manually adjusted.
    • Auto-Tilting of the squeegee included to protect against drips.
    • Four-corner Servo system provides precise setting of off-contact on all the four corners.  Peel-of operates via two of the servos in conjunction with the servo print bridge travel. for ease of setup and reliable consistency.
  • Exit conveyor
  • Operator panel and on-board electrical cabinet.
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