The Manual Caster Table Grinder provides the ability to hand grind the edges of glass parts.  A vertically adjustable spindle allows for positioning the wheel profile to the edge of the glass, depending on glass thickness. Two different thickness wheels can be mounted together. The spindle is mounted to a paddle plate that is connected via a spring assembly to allow for the head to ‘float’, useful in limiting the operator from applying too much pressure, and when using a ‘V’ profiled wheel for seaming.  Optionally a straight edge guide with idler rollers can be provided and is mounted slightly behind the spindle. The edge guide is removed for shapes.  This assembly provides for the guiding of rectangular parts against the guide in a straight line relative to the wheel. The wheel can be adjusted in and out relative to the edge guide in order to manage the amount of stock removal, in conjunction with the spring assembly noted above.  A recirculating water tank and pump are provided to feed a nozzle assembly mounted around the wheel. A control panel is provided to start the spindle and pump.



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