Automotive Furnace Loading Automation with Vision and Robot

The Customer wished to have an inline process to run from their painting line and to automatically load the furnace. They also had a desire to batch product and to automatically load the line from those batched racks. Due to the variety of special shapes and sizes of the Customer’s products, a vision system, and robotic loading system was used, making the system much easier to set up and change over between various parts. All goals achieved and another successful project by Glassline®!

The design minimized floor space requirements while also accommodating building column interferences. Glassline’s CNC LM Cutting Machine design provides high speed, high acceleration, AND tight tolerances. It is very low maintenance due to the use of linear motors and a patented direct drive cutting head, eliminating the use of any belts or gears to wear. Call today to discuss how we can help collaborate on your project, for the best solution for YOU. GLASSLINE®, a name you have trusted for 50 years.

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