The Glassline model ED-252 is a state-of-the-art EDM machine tool featuring heavy duty construction, D.C. Servo ram with ball screw and precision bearings, and a 50 amp solid state power supply field proven for reliability. The power supply has a maximum power consumption of 6 kilowatts.

The diamond wheel to be re-trued is mounted on a special arbor for the particular wheel and indicated for run out. The arbor is fitted to a spindle mounted in a bracket attached to the worktable. The spindle is driven by a DC gear motor for variable rotation. The gear motor is directly coupled to the spindle but is mounted outside of the work tank.

  • Used ED-252 EDM Machine, with video comparator:    $32,900 Ex-works

  • Unit is in fair condition and is operational. Warranty on parts 30 days.

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