Slightly used CNC Pre-processing line with the following original Specifications and Layout:


  • Max. Size 1250 x 1800mm
  • Min. Size 400x 700mm
  • Thickness 2 to 5mm
  • 24sec. per piece nominal cycle time
  • +/- 0.25mm repeatability
  • Drilled hole size: 6-45mm approx.
  • Working Ht. 950mm
  • Voltage 480 VAC 3 phase.  24VDC Control
  • Air – 6 bar dehumidified/free of oil

Line Configuration:

  • Vacuum brushoff  – for the removal of separating powder
  • Block Centering/Squaring
  • Cutter Load Shuttle
  • CNC Cutting/Breaking Machine
    • X & Y Linear Motors
    • Patented direct-drive Cutting Head with low friction air cylinder controlled by proportional valve
    • Pressurized cutting oil reservoir
    • Full width, 2-station Cutting belt with counter rotating brush
    • Template drawer
    • Heavy-duty ball roller for breakout of scrap
    • Windows PC Based CNC with 15″ color touchscreen monitor
  • Rack and Pinion Shuttle – transporting from cutting to grinding
  • CNC Grinding
    • Horizontal ballscrew driven X axis spindle travel
    • Servo Driven rotary axis with zero backlash reducer
    • Direct-drive Spindle assembly with drawbar for semi-automatic tool change
    • Servo driven wheel height adjustment
    • Automatic servo stoning assembly
    • Rotary table fitted with Vacuum cup array
    • Water/mist collection System and dirty coolant pump
    • Windows PC based CNC with 15″ color touchscreen monitor
  • Linear/Polar Dual Head Servo Drill
    • Servo ballscrew driven drill head travel platform
    • Servo Rotational axis with zero backlash reducer
    • Two Servo-Feed drill heads
    • Automatic stoning assemblies
    • Laser drill bit measurement
  • Rack and Pinion Dual Carriage Shuttling System from Grind to Drill to Exit Conveyor
  • Exit Belt Conveyor
  • Line Controls

Line requires some refurbishment and is not immediately available.

Please contact us to discuss pricing and alternative/optional layout items for example:

  • Alterations to above noted items
  • Turntable and automatic line loader
  • Washer
  • Screen printing
  • Safety System