GLASSLINE provides a very helpful option called Mist Collection.  This option captures most of the water at the grinding heads via vacuum, and pipes the water back to a tank.  A high pressure blower is attached to the top of the plenum mounted on the tank.  The tank is fitted with a pump to pump the dirty water back to the Glassline centrifuge tank, or other filtration system.  Each grinding head is fitted with a coolant guard/shroud with a hose attachment. The double edger or seamer is fitted with a PVC piping arrangement. The Blower/tank unit should be mounted next to the line.  Glassline can provide an optional method if it is desired that the blowers are mounted more remotely.

The Mist Collection option helps minimize the water that is carried downstream on the glass, thereby minimizing water loss, as well as improving washer performance.  It is also very helpful in minimizing overspray, and therefore maintenance needs on edger parts.

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