The CNC Glass Lathe has been especially designed for flat edge grinding of glass circles. Square glass pieces, of varying or similar thickness, are stacked together to form a stack length of approximately 8″ to 15″ long. The stack is compressed between a head spindle and a tail spindle by a compressed air operated cylinder. The stack is rotated by the head with the tail free wheeling. A grinding spindle assembly moves axially along a precision way allowing for both face and periphery grinding, using a diamond grinding wheel.

The cross-slide spindle will be adjusted to the first coarse pass diameter and using the coarse side of the diamond wheel will remove the corners and material to within 0.120″ of final diameter. The final diameter is determined by the return pass of the spindle, now on the fine side of the diamond wheel.

A user friendly operator interface is provided for setup, fine adjustments, and system feedback.

The entire system is enclosed within a safety enclosure, which also contains all glass grinding fluid for a clean operation. A Glassline Centrifugal filtration system can be integrated.

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