New Machine – Nearly complete

This Linear Motor Cutting machine is currently available at a reduced price.  The machine is a top quality cnc cutting machine, consisting of a full width belt conveyor designed with vacuum holding along one edge.  The two side frames are welded and precision machined for Linear Motor and linear rail components on each side, forming the X axis driving a heavy duty welded aluminum bridge. The bridge also includes a linear motor and rails for the Y axis. The glass cutting head is our patented direct drive cutting head.  The design, using linear motors and direct-drive cutting head is therefore designed for absolute minimum maintenance needs.

The machine also includes a pressurized oil tank manifold which feeds cutting oil to the head.  The cutting head includes a low friction cylinder and the pressure is controlled via a servo valve for pressure optimization throughout the path. A linear position sensor is included for ensuring the system stops should the cut head move off of the glass edge.

CNC Windows 10 controls are included, with a 15″ color touchscreen monitor.


  • Max Size: (60″ x 96″)
  • Min size: 12 x 12″(for vacuum holding)
  • Thickness: 3mm to 6mm (other thickness can be optionally accommodated)
  • Linear Axis Speeds: 3m per sec. maximum
  • Score Accuracy: +/- 0.15mm

Features and Benefits:

  • Linear Motors used for X-Y motion provide high acceleration for reduced cycle times
  • Without the use of belts and gears, the machine capability is maintained longer since there are less wear items
  • Heavy duty linear rails are used to support the bridge and carriage
  • The cutting head is patented with a direct drive system that also eliminates belts and gears, thus reducing maintenance costs
  • Full width belt is cleaned by brush to minimize scratches from chips
  • Microsoft Windows™ based CNC controls help to provide a system that is maintenance friendly
  • Commercially available CNC hardware provides the Customer assurance of long term availability of parts. These parts are also less expensive than those sold by “CNC” systems suppliers


  • Pandemic Special Price: $128,700 Ex-works
  • Safety Features are not included, but can be optionally quoted.
  • Packing, freight, insurance, installation and startup costs are not included, to be determined depending on Buyer need/location
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