Case Study: CNC Cutting (1)

The Customer wanted a Semi-jumbo size (108”x144”) machine that could produce a high volume of parts. GLASSLINE’s™ CNC Linear Motor cutting machine provided them this capability. The Customer was interested in Edge Deletion as well, and therefore a time study was done to check several different cut patterns. The study was analyzed in two ways: all parts being deleted and cut with one bridge, or using two separate bridges. The results of the time study showed that two bridges could increase throughput from 20-30% depending on the pattern. However, one bridge was very efficient (cutting >10000sqft/hr), providing a much higher throughput than their current systems, while also being less expensive, less complicated, and more precise. Therefore a single-bridge system was chosen. The Customer soon realized that the speed of the GLASSLINE™ cutting machine was such that one breakout table was insufficient to keep up with the cutting speed. Therefore a 90 degree transfer table was designed and implemented with two separate breakout tables, one on each side of the transfer.

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